The minimum free distance between the cupboard and the ceiling is appoximately 5 cm. The standard depth of the shelves is 25 cm. Other depths are on request. Even in situations with a sloping ceiling or a staggered wall Reverse can be made to fit seamingless.


The lightning system is made with LED lights with a warm white colour. The powersystem is dimmable and controllable with a single button for both on/off as well up/down regulation. The integrated version of the LED lights is mounted in the extended top longitudinal bars of the cupboard. The lights may also be chosen as loose lights on top of the cupboard with clear anodised or black coated finishing. The width of the lights is made equal to the uprights width.


Reverse has chosen for shelves of MDF with a top quality pressing. The thickness of the shelves is only 10 mm. These very thin shelves provide a transparant image to Reverse cupboards. The front ends of the shelves have an aluminum profile applied. This will strengthen the shelves and give a sleek finished view. The front ends may be black coated or clear anodised.