Reverse wall cupboards can be made to any geometry desired. In this way you can seemingless connect the cupboard to walls and/or doors on both sides. Versions around a door or window or with an recess for a television set are possible as well.


The uprights can be made from various types of wood like American Wallnut, Cherry, Oak, Ash or Beech. Other types of wood are available on request.


The shelves are made of MDF and finished with a natural oil so they become water and dirt resistant. The frontends of the shelves are finished with aluminum profiles. These may be clear anodised or black coated. Other colours are available on demand. Bookends are available in the same type of wood as the uprights. With this the sleek character of the cupboard is emphasised.


Dimmable lightning may be delivered with the cupboard. The choice may be between lights fully integrated in the uprights or loose lights of clear anodised or black coated aluminum with the same width as the uprights.


For higher cupboards a staircase can be delivered to bring the upper shelves within reach. The staircase is made from the same type of wood as the uprights.